Look no further than Newton for the best and highest quality range of awnings for home, retail, or hospitality in Port Macquarie and the NSW Mid-North Coast. Our range of awnings feature durable and UV-resistant materials for all types of applications, beating the heat and rain time and time again. Our qualified and expert team can install your awnings – we guarantee they’ll be on time, courteous, and professional – every time!

Canopy Awnings

Our range of canopy awnings can protect people, pets, and plants from harsh UV rays by covering entertainment areas, patios, and outdoor areas with fabric canopy awnings. Choose from a range of colours and materials, as well as fixed and retractable awnings for added versatility.

Automatic Awnings

Extend your awnings at the touch of a button with our awnings automation systems. Integrate them into your greater home automation and control them via smart device. Ask us about automatic awnings installation or upgrades to your existing awnings.

Pivot Arm Awnings

Save money on cooling and keep the rain away with our range of stylish pivot arm awnings, available in various fabrics, patterns and colours. Extend or tuck away your awnings from inside the premises, or ask us about automation for your pivot arm awnings for simple one-touch operation. 

Fixed Metal Awnings

For the ultimate in durability and corrosion resistance, Newton supplies and installs fixed metal awnings for year-round comfort and protection against harsh UV rays and rain. Made tough, these awnings are suitable for patios, verandahs, and all types of windows and doors. Choose curved, straight, and wave-shaped designs in a variety of colours. Their metal construction ensures decades of comfort and service.

Folding Arm Awnings

Newton can install contemporary style folding arm awnings, perfect for outdoor entertainment areas, patios, and pool areas. Choose from luxe fabrics for the ultimate in aesthetics and operate via crank or by using motorisation. Folding arm awnings are adjustable to track the sun and keep it at bay during summer days. Newton can install awnings with automatic pitch control, sun and rain detection, and more. Ask about our compact semi-cassette Nordic designs, suitable for homes, apartments, and townhouses alike.

Aluminium Louvres

Protect your outdoor living or entertainment area with adjustable aluminum louvre awnings. Rotate the blades to allow sun to dapple through or lay them flat to keep away rain and harsher sunlight. Operation is easy by hand crank or with added motorisation and automation. Our technicians can install quality aluminum louvres at your home or commercial premises on time and with ease.

Straight Drop Awnings

Straight drop or vertical awnings are the ultimate in screening out sunlight and keeping your home cool during hot summer months – and private during the evening. Straight drop awnings are favoured for economising on space, which makes them suitable for apartments, townhouses, and smaller homes or retail shops. Our technicians install your quality straight drop awnings with no fuss and a smile.

System 2000 Awnings

The renowned System 2000 awning is a union of ergonomics and quality materials – winning the Australian Design Award upon its entry to the market. Available in pivot arm and lock arm mechanisms for ease of use at ground or high levels, the System 2000 is built strong right here in Australia using tough materials, withstanding the harshest of Australian conditions. Choose from a range of contemporary patterns and colours to suit your home decor.

POLYCarb Awnings

For the ultimate in UV protection, Polycarb awnings are a strong and UV-resistant material suitable for permanent protection, extending beyond windows to let light through and block harmful UV out. That means light comes in and saves furniture and fittings from fading or damage. 

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